A good looking guy will always turn the heads on every lady. And it is the dream of every woman to get the gorgeous man and be with him every minute. The aim of every girl is to lure the good looking guy to come after you and entice by tempting him. But what ladies should ask themselves is the question on how get attention of good looking guy. The best answer to this question involves being optimistic and fixing your mind to get the guy. If you try the following, then you will create the attention and a hookup.

Don’t be nervous

Many ladies are not brave to speak their minds. If you are brave enough and show this trait to the good looking guy, it is enough to create attention. Though it might be seen as being aggressive, this is an asset that makes it hard to resist. Be subtle and speak your mind using obsession phrases program.

Look attractive first

If he is good looking and attractive, you have no business being the opposite. Unkempt ladies put off any man. It does not matter whether you lack the looks of a supermodel, but wearing nice clothes and grooming yourself will make you attractive and good looking. Make personal hygiene your priority.

Limit the interest

You might be dying to get the attention of the good looking guy and want to capture his heart, but any lady should not show too much interest. A handsome man is used to getting the attention of females whenever he is out Avoid sheepish eyes at him. If you show much interest, he will see you as any other and treat you like crap. But ignore him a little and the guy will be interested. Pretend and show disinterest, and treat him like any other ordinary man.

Flirt with finesse

When you meet this guy who sweeps you off your feet with the good looks, always flirt, but learn how to flirt. Any man will get bored when you just sit there and watch. The girl must send mixed signals when making the eye contact. Have a sexy and flirty smile. But always ensure this is the right signal to avoid misinterpretation.

Classy behavior

To get the attention of a good looking guy, ladies must watch their language and etiquette. Any guy is attracted to a well-mannered lady and who knows how to express themselves beautifully. Good etiquette on a date will impress the guy.

Set standards

Beauty is in the eyes. What appears to you as nice may not be so to another person. To attract that guy, no matter how good looking he is, set your standards. It will make it easy to catch the attention.

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Are you challenged when it comes to the fairer sex? Lots of men find it difficult to pick up women. A lot has to do with their level of confidence and comfort level when walking up to women. Most guys do alright, but there’s always room for improvement, right? You want to be “that guy” who can walk into a club and turn heads. You want to be “that guy” who can walk up to an attractive woman who’s surrounded by men and pull her away. So how do you become more attractive to women? Some men just come by it naturally. If you don’t fall into that category, don’t worry, you can simply get your Tao of Badass download and get reading. And let’s face it, most of us could use a little help.

The Tao of Badass Pdf is essentially a complete guide in a concise package. Download gives you a guide for just about every situation you can think of from the time you approach women to the time when you get intimate. Most men who have read the book feel it has helped improve their skills with women. In fact, they has so much success with the foundation provided by this ebook that they are spreading the word. They are so vocal about it that some people on the Internet are calling it a scam. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The author uses life experience combined with in depth research to base the ideas taught in the book. This real life research is what makes the ebook so effective and powerful.

If you’re new on the dating scene and are looking to have an easier time talking to women, this is the book for you. It can be hard to talk to women and be a Badass, especially if you’re attracted to them. If you haven’t had much experience, then you’ll lack confidence and be awkward around women. This ebook will help you gain confidence and learn proven strategies to help you be yourself and be attractive to women. While some guides teach men not to be themselves and to be fake, if you want to be a true badass, you’ll need to be yourself. Confident and unapologetic for who you are and your desire to get to know whatever woman you happen to find attractive or intriguing.

When you set out on your new pathway to becoming a badass who’ll be the envy of all the men in the nightclub, this ebook will be your companion. Because it’s a download, you can actually carry it with you without looking like a bookworm. Keep it on your phone or tablet and you can sneak into the bathroom to give yourself an extra boost of confidence before you start chatting up the lovely ladies in the room.

While there are lots of guides to becoming a badass or a ladies man, the Tao of Badass book found http://taoofbadasspdfbook.com, This book stands apart because it is based on real life experience and research. It is based on you embracing your inner badass while still being true to yourself which will be important if the girl you pick up at the club happens to be the one you want to take home to your parents.


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Singles finding other compatible singles for dating can be challenging. There are all kinds of reasons for it, including schedule, resources, preferences, income, and so on.

These types of common challenges are often the case in major metropolitan areas such as crowded New York City, the widespread windy city of Chicago, and even Philadelphia, PA, the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. But what can you do if you also have geography as a major obstacle for you in finding the love you want?

For those who reside in a rural area or small town, their dating options have always been rather limited. But online dating has changed all of that. Online dating sites put plenty of potential matches at their fingertips regardless of what remote corner of the world they are in looking for love.

For example, if you were a single man or woman who made your home in Window Rock, Arizona, you’d out there in desert country with more rocks than potential dating partners, and a limited window of opportunity. The similar situation exists from Alaska to Montana, Maine to New Mexico, and many countries around the world. Isn’t it cool that the internet allows for an online dating blog to write about this? Isn’t it cool that the technology behind online dating brings a world full of possibilities to all of the people in rural locations?

Sure, there are more hurdles for all of those singles who live in remote areas, such as managing the long travel distance with a relationship partner or one of the people having to relocate, but still, at least singles everywhere have options regardless of where they call home. And with every passing day, more and more single women and men are jumping online and dropping their online dating profiles into the world of online dating because they see it as their only genuine option for meeting someone. Good for them.

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It may seem very strange but it is true, marriage agencies don’t want good girls they want bad girls in their agency.  Think about it.  If you are a client in a marriage agency and you would like an introduction the agency needs to either send to the lady your information and photographs if you’re coming ahead of time or call the lady if you’re walking into the agency’s office.  There is a very high chance when the agency calls good girls the lady will not see you as a potential future husband and will not want to with you. But, bad girls will always agree to meet you.

It’s really quite a bit of work to match you with a good girl.  As well as, it’s a lot of work and to coordinate the nice girl to meet you and schedule the meeting time.

What most agencies have in their profile base are what I’m referring to as bad girls.  Bad girls are ladies that really are not interested in you as a future husband but are interested in taking advantage of you.  They’re not after a husband.  What they are after is getting paid by the agency to meet you and taking you to restaurants they could never afford to go to and having a great time, as well as, taking you on a big shopping spree where you will buy them lot of great expense gifts.  Of course they love to act as you are boyfriend and girlfriend. This so that after you go home, and you’re convinced that you are a loving relationship, you’ll be sending them several hundred dollars every month.  If a lady has several boyfriends like you she’s making a lot of money every month and is living the good life.

Green card scam.

Most men had a big misconception of what the women are looking for.  Most men think that the big scam is to get a green card and come to live in the US or other countries.  Why would a bad girl want to leave her friends and family and everything she has ever known in her country simply to have the ability to live in the US or some other western countries?  No, that’s not the scam.  What is the scam is the lady lives in her own country, lives a very good life, making a great living from scamming you.  I once met a lady who is doing a really good job at this living in Kherson, a city in Southern Ukraine.  She had scammed so many men pretending to be their loving fiancée that she had acquired enough money to purchase five apartments!  These ladies are making quite a bit of money and live here in their own country.  The marriage agencies are also making a bunch of money from introducing you to ladies who have absolutely no intention of marrying you.  It’s a great symbiotic moneymaking scheme.

Think about it again.  Why would a marriage agency go to all the trouble and expense to get really nice ladies to join their agency?  It takes an incredible amount of time, energy, and effort to find real ladies who are looking to marry western men.  In most cases these ladies will not want to meet the men who desire to meet them.  So the marriage agency has to work very hard and won’t make any money from the introductions.  Whereas, if they fill their agency with beautiful ladies who are waiting to deceive men not only will the agency make a great deal of money, because the lady always agrees to go out with the man, but it’s easy money!

Most of the ladies profiles posted on marriage agency web sites are false.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of photos that you will see posted on most of the web sites are false profiles.  These profiles come from several sources.  They can be simply scanned out of fashion magazines such as cosmopolitan, copied or stolen from other websites, or simply purchased from photographers.  Photographers costly are coming by my agency to ask if I would like to buy their photo database.  This is just their great beautiful glamour shots of extremely high quality model ladies and notched their contact information, much less are the ladies interested in being a marriage agency.  The photographer simply sell the photos to the marriage agency and the marriage agency posts the photographs pretending that these ladies are really interested in marrying western men.

I hope you know the letters that you are receiving from ladies are bitten by the marriage agencies.

Marriage agencies may quite a bit of money through their letter forwarding service.  With rare exception all of these letters are written by the marriage agency themselves.  Again, it takes a lot of Time &Energy and effort to send the letter that you had written to the lady and get a good quality letter back.  Not only is there Time &Energy in translating in sending this letter but most people, in this case the ladies, generally don’t write very good return letters.  Whereas, you’ll always get a fantastic letter telling you how much she likes you and is in love with you when the agency writes the letter pretending to be the woman.

The agencies are getting much more sophisticated in their faults letters but you’ll still see some phrases like “tell me more about your city”.  You’ll note in the letter the woman did mention your city by name, such as New York.  She simply said “your city”.  To real people don’t really write like that.  You’ll also at least initially hear about not only how wonderful and fantastic you are, but initial sentences morning about some future economic catastrophe.  Such as, she’s about to lose her job, she has a sick relative, or some other major financial problem.

So which are looking at when you look at the beautiful women that are posted on all of these marriage agency sites are ladies that have no idea that their photographs are pasted the year.  When you’re writing letters to these ladies you’re really not writing letters to the lady but to some lady who scamming you at the marriage agency pretending to be your lovely future fiancée.  But of course remember they do have wringers their dying to be paid in meet you and will take you out a great shopping spree and to restaurants she could never afford to go to.  She’s living a great light of by making money from you.

Almost all of the profiles that you will see that are posted independently from marriage agencies on pre marriage agency sites are simply men pretending to be women, or in some cases actually women, who are working.  How are they working?  They’re looking for suckers like you to scam can steal from.  It’s their job and a work very hard at it to meet men online and pretend that they love you.  In fact, it’s so common that there is even a term for an.  When men post false profiles pertain to be women is termed “Yuri”.  Yuri is a common Slavic man’s name.

Bait and switch

So now you have been writing this wonderful woman through a marriage agency and you’re traveling to the other side of the planet of finally meet her.  When you arrive in her city the marriage agency tells you of her recent tragedy.  Something like,” Svetlana had to leave for a small village to help take care of her sick grandmother who has recently seriously taken ill.  Unfortunately, there are no telephones or cell phone coverage in the small remote village and she probably will not return until after you’ve returned home.”

Cell phone coverage in the former Soviet Union is more widespread than just about any place on the planet.  Cell phones you’re actually really, really, really, cheap.  Did I say really? They are really, really, really, cheap.  You can get a chip for a phone for less than $2.00 and all incoming calls are free.  Again remember, even in the end of the earth’s village in Ukraine there will be cell phone coverage.

But back to you being scammed:  The marriage agency of course will apologize but they will have one of their ringers there happy to introduce you to.  Again she’s a really beautiful lady and initially you’ll be happy to see her when she acts very happy to see you but you’re in for a big shopping spree and very expensive restaurants.  In fact, there’s extremely high chance that you’ll be overcharged by the restaurant and the restaurant will give the lady a kickback.

There are so many variants to being scammed time and space does not allow me to write in detail about the thousands of variants. But be aware of two.

Airline or train tickets: If you have a lady traveling to meet you from her home town to the city you are staying in you will be scammed on the ticket. Many ladies will quote you some big price, such as $400, for their airline ticket. You will gladly pay this fee thinking it is reasonable. What will happen is the lady will pocket the money you send her and take the train for less than $20.

The second: Be very careful. There are millions of SERIOUS scams. Such as, the agency sets you up with an underage lady, the lady has drugs on her, you are set up with drugs etc. and the police show up. At this point you are afraid for your freedom and can get scammed out of thousands. By the way, the policeman who shows up is probably not a policeman but is a con artist in on the scam.

The real tragedy here is that the vast majority of Russian and Ukrainian women are extremely nice and would love a wonderful loving husband.  The vast majority of western men looking for Russian and Ukrainian wives are extremely nice men who would love to find a woman who would appreciate them for who they are.  Unfortunately, these too rarely find each other because of the scam marriage agencies and the scam Russian and Ukrainian women.  This is really a big tragedy.

Because of these actions many nice ladies are afraid to join marriage agencies.  Because of these actions men are afraid to travel to the former Soviet Union and most that do are scammed.  Off course you remember the old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice a shame on me.  Consequently, most men who are scammed seldom make a second effort and therefore continue to live their lonely lives and never find the happiness that they deserve.

What you see is not what you get!

Probably the largest complaint of men is that the ladies look NOTHING like their photos, and many times they are a different lady! Two common ploys at agencies and profiles of ladies.

1) The agency post beautiful photos and introduces you to a totally different lady. This is very common and is also true of independently posted profiles. Such as, a lady joins an agency, or posts her profile on the Internet and she or the agency post a BEAUTIFUL photograph of a lady that remotely resembles the lady you will meet. When you meet the lady you can hardly believe she is the same as the posted photo, because she isn’t!

2) The photo has either been heavily changed or is WAY out of date. In Photoshop you can not only smooth out the wrinkles but you can slim the waist, enlarge the bust, shorten the nose, whiten the teeth etc. I also met a lady who was 29 and the photo posted on the marriage agency web site was taken when she was 16.

Below are photos of a women a client of my agency met through a different agency in Kiev. He was so shocked he took her phot with he cell phone. Unfortunately, the quality is poor but you will get the idea.

On the left is the photo posted on the marriage agency web site and the right is the lady the client met.

I can go on and on but below are photos also taken by a client. Again on the left is the lady posted on the web site and on the right is the lady met.

Anti-Scam Sites are scams!

There is really nowhere to turn. If you try to do research and check things out yourself you will be even more scammed. Almost all anti scam sites are owned and created by marriage agencies. They create their sites for the purposes to discredit their competitors and lead customers to their own marriage agency. Theses sights can be quite deceiving and appear very genuine. But, be careful. They are false and you are being taken!

This is precisely why I have dedicated myself to not only helping western men but to help wonderful Ukrainian women find their future husband.  We are getting many men married and there is no reason that could not be you too!

I have been scammed from A to Z. Almost every variant that you can think of has happened to me. I was also looking for a wife myself and have been doing so for many years. Unfortunately, I have been to many bad agencies and have wasted my time. All of those bad experiences have inspired me to help myself and to build an agency that works. I really want to get serious men and women together. I have a great staff and we all work very hard for our male and female clients. We want them to find each other and when they do we are almost as happy as they are. (I now have a wonderful wife who absolute loves me!)

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